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About Us

Sleep Innovations established in 1996, started its operations in India in the year of 2015. By the professionals in the field with experience of 10 to 20 years, Sleep Innovations has changed the sleep habits of the human fundamentally. If the history of the sleeping products can be summarised in one word, it will be innovations. Many beds look the same, but when we examine the quality of its components, it will be world apart at Sleep Innovations; no aspect of quality is left to chance with dedication to producing only the finest sleep system. We offer superior pressure relief that diminishes tossing and turning for restful sleep patterns.

Sleep Innovations mattress is manufactured with the finest ingredients and provides additional comfort necessary for the body whilst offering enough space for free movement and great support.







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The best sleep of your life is created with delicate precision.

Sleep Innovations continuously tests the quality and the performance of each component. This industry dedication helps Sleep Innovations become the most desirable brand. Sleep innovations has a wide range of products for domestic as well as commercial use. In domestic range we have Absolute Series comprising of pocked spring with various combinations of puff, memory foam, cool gel, latex etc.

Posture range comprising of Bonnell spring various combinations. In commercial we have hallmark comfort in the combination of pocketed spring and grand voyager with the combination in Bonnell spring; also in commercial we have rollaway beds. Sleep Innovations takes pride in providing complete bedding solutions including the supply of premium quality mattress protectors, pillows, linen towels etc.

The mission of Sleep Innovations is to provide comfort, durability, and support to its users. In this short span of 7 years, Sleep innovations has furnished more than 50 Hotels in the category of 5 star to 3 star and a huge numbers of other projects. With Sleep Innovations Mattress, we guarantee you an uninterrupted sleep and a great comfort. For the better sleep experience, bring home a Sleep Innovations Mattress today.

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